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A Lisp Interpreter Experiment

Sputter is a simple Lisp Interpreter written in Go. Basically, it’s just me having some fun and trying to improve my Go skills. That means you’re unlikely to find something you’d want to use in production here. On the other hand, if you want to join in on the fun, you’re more than welcome to.

How To Install

Make sure your GOPATH is set, then run go get to retrieve the package.

go get

How To Invoke The Interpreter

Once you’ve installed the package, you can run it from GOPATH/bin like so:

sputter somefile.lisp

# or

cat somefile.lisp | sputter

How To Invoke The REPL

Sputter has a very crude Read-Eval-Print Loop that will be more than happy to start if you call it with no arguments from the terminal:

Current Status

I just started this thing and it’s still pretty fragile, but that will change rapidly. The current built-in forms are:

  • Branching: if, cond, do, when, when-not, and, or
  • Numeric: +, -, *, /, !=, =, <, <=, >, >=, inf, -inf
  • Numeric Predicates: inf?, -inf?, nan?
  • Variables: def, let, ns, with-ns, quote, keyword?
  • Functions: defn, fn, lambda, apply, apply?, special-form?
  • Macros: defmacro, macro?
  • Predicates: eq, nil?
  • Sequences: cons, conj, first, rest, seq?, range
  • Lists: list, list?, to-list
  • Vectors: vector, vector?, to-vector
  • Associative Arrays: assoc, assoc?, to-assoc
  • Counted Sequences: len, len?
  • Indexed Sequences: nth, indexed?
  • Mapped Sequences: mapped?, get
  • Comprehensions: concat, map, filter, reduce, take, drop
  • Metadata: meta, meta?, with-meta
  • Concurrency: go, chan, generate, future, promise, promise?
  • Strings: str, str!, str?
  • I/O: print, println, pr, prn
  • Operating System: *env*, *args*, *stdout*, *stderr*, *stdin*

Documentation for most of these forms may be viewed in the REPL using the doc function.